25 Piece Game Day Basket


This 25 piece gift basket is perfect for game day or your beloved snacker! Contains Pretzel Crostini, Sea Salt Pita Chips, Mr. Cheese O’s, Olive Oil Tortas, Red Wine, Lemon and Chocolate Rolled Wafers, Honey BBQ Wing Sauce, Salsa, Garlic and Dill Pickles, Pimento Olives, Sausage, Pepper Cheese Bar, Cheddar Cheese Bar, Salmon, Bacon flavored Hot Sauce, Buffalo Blue Cheese Dip, Pub Style Beer and Mustard Cheese Dip, Petter and Spice Bread Dip, Cheddar and Bacon Cheese Spread, White Dipping Cheese with Jalepeno, Quince Fruit Paste, Martini Olive Almonds, and Twist and Crack Almonds.


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